Passion Led Me Here

And so here it is; the blog that I’ve been meaning to start since two years ago.

Even as I’m typing this in Word I don’t know if it is actually going to make it onto a website, but eff it! I’m going to type anyway. As far as first blog posts go, I should be telling you why I decided to start a design blog, who I am, and what the hell I’m doing here on this planet, but the reality is that I never wanted to start a design blog. I didn’t think I was made of the dedication, finesse, consistency and cliché-holding-a-coffee-mug-and-smizing-in-a-café photogenicity needed to manage a professional blog. That’s right; I was squirming around in a pit of Self-doubt sinking sand.

So why did you eventually decide to start a design blog?  You ask – or not. I don’t know. It just felt like the kind of thing a blogger would say at this point of a blog post.

Well first of all, like most humans on New Year’s Day, I made a resolution; to be fearless and just live! I told myself that I was going to make sure I do or get started on all the projects I am passionate about but too scared to start. Unlike most humans for the rest of the year, I’m sticking to my resolution. I am passionate about design. There is something that brings me joy in the way a client’s face lights up when they see and are satisfied with how well a designer or decorator is able to take their ideas and turn it into a space that captures their essence and meets all their wants and needs, or the way nature and plants just make everything and everywhere much better, or in the way cities and urban areas work well when people and inhabitants are thought of first. I believe this is what I was born to do; bring you joy and satisfaction that will last for a long time through spaces, and someway somehow I’m going to make sure you have so much of it you wouldn’t know what to do with yourself!

I had originally typed a ‘here’s what to expect from this blog’ paragraph, but that would be me telling you a big fat lie. Making a list of what to expect, I find, is somewhat limiting to my creativity, but at the same time, too much pressure to live up to those expectations, and where’s the fun in that? So don’t expect anything in particular but just know that the purpose of this blog is to bring you quality reviews about design solutions available in Accra, and sometimes in other cities, present and future trends to look out for, lots of inspiration, and some pretty opinionated posts about the current state of design affairs. Occasionally I may throw in a post or two about my blogging journey so far. Oh and there will come a Friday where I invite a design wiz to talk about some cool design stuff, so look out for that too. I would be including you in my creative process as well, whoever you are or if I even have you’s yet, so please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment or shoot me an email, I don’t bite, except into a big juicy piece of chicken of course!

In true YouTube blogger fashion, I bid you farewell until next time. Please make sure to like, subscribe, comment and share. *blows kiss and waves in slow-mo as this post fades out*

Love and light,


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